Gjør deg klar til konferansen

Gjør deg klar til konferansen: Anbefalt lesing

Her får du anbefalt lektyre så du er så klar som mulig til årets konferanse 6.-8. juni!

Siden blir oppdatert fortløpende, så sjekk tilbake ofte

Fortellerskolen med Tom French (NB: Egen billett!):

På forhånd anbefaler vi at du leser Angels & Demons.

Tom Wolfe-panel:

Her finner du 15 av Tom Wolfes artikler.

Finding Story Ideas: Tips your editor won’t tell you med Lane DeGregory, Tampa Bay Times

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing, 2009


1) Talk to strangers

Be nosey, sit by the old woman on the swing, everyone has a story

Lady Liberty: Searching for the American dream

2) Play hookie

Roam aimlessly, let someone else drive, ride the bus, look around

Cashier Michael Turbe: A Father’s Day 41 years in the making

3) Read the walls

Check bulletin boards, buy bad papers, scour the classifieds

House on the Corner: What would drive a man to shoot his neighbor 17 times?

4) Sit the bench

Be a fly on the wall, eavesdrop at beauty parlors, eat lunch alone

Girl in the Window: A feral child finds a family

5) Make freaky friends

Opposites attract, befriend photographers, use your friends and kids

Chasing the Light: A photographer documents dying children

6) Get a life

Eat dirt at the drag strip, join bowling leagues, go to festivals

The Divine Miss Em: Losing a young actress

7) Ignore important people

See who’s in their shadows, stakeholders, other ways in

Pahokee Fred: When football is your only ticket out

8) Celebrate losers

Dreams don’t always come true, ask about failures, lessons learned

Homeless artist Rick Lewis: “Homer’s odyssey”

9) Wonder: Who would ever?

Here’s to you, Mr. golf ball picker-upper, Dirty Jobs, why you?

Mr. Newton: Still sweeping a shrimp factory at age 99

10) Hang out at bars (or coffee shops)

Check out different dives, try a martini, always come back to Cheers

After the hurricane: We all need a drink


11) Give everyone your phone number

Keep in touch, don’t dis PR people, ask what else is going on

Davion Only: Orphan goes to church to find a family

12) Be late

Old news is good news, it’s easier after the arrest, whatever happened to

Susie Wheldon: Widow of race car driver goes back to the track

13) Work holidays

Relish rituals, find faith, new traditions, those who can’t celebrate

Valentine Boy: Finding the right words for your first girl

14) Take stories no one else wants

Make people care, write for other sections, find a new way

Guess My Age: Couple falls for biggest game at the fair

15) Look for the bruise on the apple

Ask uncomfortable questions, celebrate conflict, sucks for them

Prince Vinegar: How do you know when it’s time to let go?


16) Lie on the floor, climb on the cabinets

See stories from a new angle, seek new perspectives

In the aftermath of a massacre: A young man finds his voice

17) Listen to the quiet

The sound of silence, what doesn’t happen, questions not answered

Miss Teen America: A long walk in the woods

18) Go along for the ride

Invite yourself over, ask for photo albums, vacuum the scene

The Long Fall of Phoebe Jonchuck: Before her dad dropped her off the bridge

19) Take small bites

See a sliver of the big picture, shadows in the news, I can’t imagine

Mom Cheryl Brown of Trayvon Martin’s neighborhood: “The Retreat”

20) Don’t be afraid of yourself

Share your life, open up, tell stories, take risks, you are a character

I’m Ryland’s Mom: Sending my first-born to college

Don’t be a snob. Don’t think you’ve heard them all before.

Try on new lenses and frames.

And remember, sometimes the best stories are in your own backyard.

Fem fot under med Bjørn Asle Nord og Steffen Øie:

Adina Lange ligger begravet under snøen. Adina Lange lies buried beneath the snow.

Å fortelle om det aller vanskeligste med Helle Aarnes og Ingunn Røren:

Dette er de norske overgriperne

Slik fangar du publikum med lyd med Kari Hesthamar, journalist og prosjektleiar for podcast i NRK:

Anbefalt lytting: «Den brune pakken» og «Prix Europa: So long, Marianne»

Multimedia story-telling on the small screens with Olivia Crellin, BBC:

Drought Talk: Is All Water Use Created Equal?, AJ+

Bronx Brothers, festival release

Child Exploitation in Brazil, BBC From Our Own Correspondent (radio)

The woman who shows how toxic America’s culture wars have become, BBC Trending

How to lift the under-reported stories and create meaningful social change with World Press Photo-winner Mary F. Calvert:

The Battle Within: Sexual Assault in America’s Military Part 1: The Hearings

The Battle Within: Sexual Assault in America’s Miliary Part 2: The Survivors

Missing in Action: Homeless Women Veterans

Fra dokumenthaug til fortellende journalistikk med Erlend Frafjord:


En bitteliten kjempeutfordring


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