Mark Kramer

Photo: Christine Fagerbakke

Mark Kramer is the founding director of the Power of Narrative Conference. He has co-edited two leading texbook/readers on narrative nonfiction: Telling True Stories and Literary Journalism. He’s finishing up a handbook about revision for storytelling journalists. He’s written four books: Mother Walter and the Pig Tragedy, Three Farms, Invasive Procedures, and Travels with a Hungry Bear. Kramer has written for the NY Times Sunday Magazine, National Geographic, the Atlantic Monthly and other periodicals. He’s been writer-in-residence at Smith College and Boston University for a decade each, and writer-in-residence and founding director of the Nieman Program on Narrative Journalism at Harvard University. Kramer leads a “kitchen workshop” for professional writers with book projects. In addition to be the founding father of Fortellingens kraft, he’s helped found ongoing narrative conferences in Amsterdam and London.


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