English – The Secrets of Scientific Storytelling

Jun 14, 2020


Ole Bull Scene


In the past ten years there have been more than 1,000 citations on the brain science of storytelling. I’ve read many of them, and in my talk I plan to report on findings.

They include:

The ancient roots of story in human behavior, how dreaming reveals the way the brain organizes the world according to story and provides risk-free practice in problem-solving, how sexual selection promotes the biological evolution of storytelling as a way of establishing social norms and binding societies together, why skillful storytelling can powerfully engage an audience emotionally, the ethical dangers of our biology of story when it comes to the practice of nonfiction narrative, how brain research is affecting our understanding of literature and the practice of literary criticism, etc., etc.

  • Jack Hart

    Author, writing coach, and former managing editor

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