Masterclass workshop: Mark Kramer and Thomas French

Apr 30, 2016



Kramer workshop:
How specific texts work. In this workshop I’ll distribute a few short works – perhaps a page long. We’ll read them and discuss what the writer accomplishes, word by word, sentence by sentence, scene by scene, digression by digression. So much happens in just a few paragraphs.

We’ll look at language, description, turns-to-the-reader, when scenes should start and stop, how authority is shown, trust won. The dynamics between subject, narrator and reader with regard to quotes, scene-setting, character. Where voice signals its emotional range and topical sophistication to readers.

Seminar members may offer the conference director Bjørn Asle Nord one-page openings of their articles, translated, and we may use some of these texts as well.

Jobb med egne tekster og ideer:
Benytt sjansen til å gå dypere inn i den fortellende journalistikkens elementer. Kramer og French håper på en interaktiv workshop. Deltakerne vil bli gitt mulighet til en-til-en-coaching av ideer eller tekster i arbeid.

French’s workshop:
Structuring the story. Thinking cinematically (using movie as an example). Sequencing: text as line. The skillful writer arranges a line that the reader can follow easily. This line, the readers sequential experience is narrative’s basic element. Every chapter has it own arch. Keep it simple, when mapping the complex story. Outline, inspiration and learning from the best storytellers on film, principles of storytellers are almost the same across all genres. Building a plot, one scene at a time.

Dersom det blir tid vil deltakere også bli gitt mulighet til en-til-en-coaching av ideer eller tekster i arbeid. Ikke nøl med å spørre underveis.

  • Mark Kramer


  • Thomas French