The Power of Narrative Journalism

Apr 29, 2016




Mark Kramer (and Thomas French) will discuss: What is narrative journalism? Why the still-growing interest in it as newspaper circulation contracts? The writing process, from topic selection to polished story, including: refining a topic, reporting in the field, note-coding, drafting and then the long process of revising–crafting text that’s enjoyable, authoritative and moving.

Discovering conflict and resolution during the writing process, building characters who do things that represent the topic, setting scenes that develop the topic, the crucial development of voice–the minimal, informal, humane personality of the story’s teller, useful for opening readers to emotional content and social concerns.

Discovering ‘pace’ (the reader’s urgency to continue) as resulting of many technical elements. Finally, a handful of practical tips about sentence-craft and word-choice that will energize writing.

  • Mark Kramer


  • Thomas French