WriteLane Live from Ole Bull Scene

Jun 13, 2019


Ole Bull Scene


Join us as Lane DeGregory and Maria Carrillo invites us all to tag along this live event of WriteLane, their weekly podcast with listeners in more than 40 countries.

WriteLane is a podcast where they “talk about writing, interviewing and editing. We have smart guests. We tell true stories. We dissect the process of crafting narratives, often off the news, and open our notebooks to show our strokes. Whether you’re a young reporter, a veteran writer, or someone who loves learning about craft, join us!”.

Make sure you have something yummy in your glasses, lean back and enjoy.

Guests: Christopher Goffard

With: Dan DeGregory

  • Maria Carrillo

    Tampa Bay Times

  • Lane DeGregory

    Tampa Bay Times

  • Christopher Goffard

    Los Angeles Times