Jina Moore

Jina Moore is the editor-in-chief of Guernica, a global magazine of art and politics, and a member of the board that supports Adi Magazine, a quarterly American literary magazine devoted to rehumanizing policy and written, edited, and published by women of color. Her work has also been published by the New Yorker, Lapham’s Quarterly, the Atlantic, the Boston Review, the Columbia Journalism Review, and many others. She has been the East Africa bureau chief of The New York Times, the inaugural global women’s rights reporter for BuzzFeed News, and a roving Africa correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor. A 2009 Ochberg Fellow of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at Columbia University, she is a leading voice on bringing a trauma-informed approach to reporting and writing on violence, conflict and tragedy. She’s on Twitter @itsjina and on the web at jinamoore.com.

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